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Rainman Desalinator (40SM) - Petrol 50 - 70(lph)

The Rainman portable petrol desalinator / watermarker system is designed to make fresh drinking water fast, and when coupled with the 40" Single Reverse Osmosis Membrane can make up to 50-70 Litres per hour.

No Installation is required.


Rainman Desalinator (40SM) - Electric 50 - 70(lph)

The Rainman portable Electric desalinator / watermarker system is designed to make fresh drinking water fast, just plug into 240v.

No Installation required!



Sealand SaniGard Holding Tank Vent Filter

Sealand sanigard vent filters - More than 2.4 times better odor absorption. For waste holding tanks of all sizes.


Sealand Bowl Seal Kit

Replaces toilet bowl seals on SeaLand®, Traveler®, VacuFlush® and other Dometic toilets.


SeaLand Ultra 2-Ply Toilet Tissue

Best Toilet paper for RV & Marine Toilets.


Pump Bellows Kit

Bellows to suit S series, J series & T series pumps.


Floor Flange Seal Kit

Floor Flange seal to suit 5000, 500 & 140 series toilets.


Water Valve Kit

Replaces water valve on SeaLand®, Traveler®, VacuFlush® and other Dometic foot-pedal toilets.



Sealand Traveler Gravity Toilets great for RV's and houseboats. These toilets are easy to install and use very little water per flush.


5000 Series VacuFlush Toilet

Dometic 5000 series VacuFlush® toilets deliver many value-added benefits of a vacuum toilet system to a wide range of RV & boat installations.


J Series Vacuum Generator (model VG4)

Sealand J series pumps are great for marine vessels, RVs & caravans toilet systems. The J series vacuum pump can be used for any Sealand VacuFlush toilet & Dometic VT2500 vacuum toilet.